Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My Bday Pressie

Last nite, over dinner...

"Kita dah browse available outlets "there".. sedia budget je la..huhu mind you, Tag Hauer pun ada outlet! "

"You want to get your bday pressie here or there?"

"Ha? got bday pressie for me? You plan to buy something? oh! *totally surprised mode!*" ( I thot i won't get any bday pressie since we gonna have our annual family vac end of next month. And I never expect/ask for one! )


"Can i know what is that?"

"Its just a *****. already survey that in town!. Sepasang la nanti dengan saya punya" (huhu... no surprise already! that was so my hubby! )

"Oh that so sweet! let me think if i want to get it here or there!"

Hmm... not sure nak accept that pressie or not. Sebab rasanya macam dah banyak 'to buy list' kat sana nanti..well, actually semua benda tu yg aku dah survey memang murah la kat sana..(baik tak aku! tapi aku memang nak benda yg cik abang sayang aku nak kasik as bday pressie tu! ihiks!)

1. Pressure Cooker
2. Electric Grill / Grill Pan
3. 3in1 Maker (Sandwich/panini/waffle)
4. Bra (yes..i need new bra! hehe..i'm aiming for Wacoal! kat outlet dah laaa...)
5. Clothes for Big D and Lil D (due for new clothes already)
6. Digital Camera
7. Lenses for my DSLR
8. Actually nak new DSLR! uhuks! N***n please! huhu..sapa nak beli DSLR 2nd hand? less than a year..good bargain..hehehe...

this lists? aku pasti nanti akan bertambah2 lagi...ahahah



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