Tuesday, February 26, 2008

My 1st Entry on my own blog!

Phew! can't believe it!I created my own blog today! hehehe.. Nak tulis apa ek? hmm...

oh, i bought this for my darlings.. they love it!
Last Friday we had breakfast date with my friend a dentist. I just ask my Big D if she prefer to get her teeth check by Dr Y since she refused to be checked by my favourite dentist Dr A when I went for my dentist appointment last time.
Big D simply answer 'NO. I already brush my teeth!'
Hmm.. but Dr Y persuade her saying that i need to see on the inside as well. So after she do the chit chatting with Big D, my friend told me that i need to help her brush her teeth on the side since she can see it's already turning 'yellowish' but the rest is fine! Maybe the technique is not properly correct.
And Dr Y said her son K having problem brushing teeth as well just like Lil'D. huhu..She suggest i bought the automatic tooth brush! Oh! (My Hubby once told me that kind of toothbrush was meant for lazy people *lol*!) and now we have to buy them and now only he knows that it is not for lazy people! duh! Now, he wants for himself too! *lol* to my hubby! hehe
So, after that we straight away go to G***d**n and look for the toothbrush. Hmm... two types for kids.. one is with B***n brand and the other is as per pic brand :) once again i'm confuse which one to buy! hehe... mind you the price different! huhu... that B brand almost cost a hundred ringgit..but as per picture cost RM20+ each. We already know that B brand is good, but we kind of not sure wether to get that or just the other one will do..hehe.. Since we need to buy 2! *wide eyes* huhu... so, hubby asked me to call my friend the dentist. After i called her, and listened to her explaination (which is a big relief!) we bought the one as per pic! hehe...
She said the one as per pic is good enough, have soft bristle etc.. (but i kind off like the B brand since they have Barbie/Mickey Mouse etc for the refill hehe) but no! too costly! and we never know wether they gonna like it or not!
Soon we reached home, Big D who already known as 'minah berus gigi' (she loves to brush her teeth and loves to buy toothbrush!) immediately go to the bathroom and try out the new toothbrush! Hmm..of course being 'minah berus gigi' she is not our main concern. She simply adore the new toothbrush that since then she will brush her teeth 3-4 times a day!
Our focus is not on Big D actually, more on Lil D who is more difficult to brush his teeth! huhu.. Well, he is not really the kind who refused to brush at all, but only after saying 'D good boy!' etc.. then only he'll brush his teeth. But not by his own will that sometimes we need to force and hold him tightly! Urgghh!!!! So, hubby showed him the toothbrush and turned 'ON' hmmm...he kind of excited! so then hubby tried to brush his teeth and Alhamdulillah! He loved it! But, we have another problem! We need to keep that on top of the cupboard out of his reach! Why? After brushing his teeth, he will go and brush his hot wheels, my cupboard, his toybox etc etc etc! *lol* oh dear my Lil D!!!!


mamafiza on March 8, 2008 at 8:27 AM said...

Dear Miss Erna,

Wish you were in splendid moment ^_-

Congratulation! Welcome to blogging club *hugs*

Truly excited reading your sweet stories. Great job momma!

Please send my best hugs n kisses to ur precious Big D and Lil D *cuddles*

p/s: what a cute toothbrush ;)

EWS on March 11, 2008 at 11:30 AM said...

Salam MamaFiza,
Alahai..camne bleh jumpa my secret place ni..hahaha..malu la! baru nak try ber'blogging' hehe.. Thanks!

rizza on March 13, 2008 at 4:44 PM said...

heheh..jenuh gak kan nak menenyeh gigi budak2 ni..heheh..aku tenyeh betul2 baru bagi dia berus sendiri..heheheh


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