Thursday, March 13, 2008

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Last book read?
Shopapaholic and baby - Sophie Kinsella
Can You Keep a Secret - Sophie Kinsella (ya..ya..buku dah lapuk..baru nak start engine membaca semula..feel so good! )

Currently reading?
Growing up in Trengganu - Awang Goneng (interesting tapi sbb buku camni slow gila nak habis kihkih)
My Favourite Wife - Tony Parson ( i collect all books by him..but this new book ada sedikit boring..huhu..sudah 3 hari tapi tak habis2 lagi-which is totally not ME! sophie kinsella books in 1 day mesti kasik habis.. paling lama pun 2 hari!)

Favourite genre?
Chic-Lits - fan of Sophie Kinsella!
Family and everyday life story - apa dia punya specific name genre ntah..:P ala-ala cerita Tony Parson ni..
Family & Health - ya.. believe me haritu nyaris nak beli dah MERCK Manual of Medical Information ..suka baca and menambah ilmu dan tambah soalan nak tanya DR bila ada appointment :P
last time suka gak romance story by Judith McNaught..hehehe (dulu la Mc Naughty, dah kawin ada anak ni takdo dah)

Favourite author?
err...Sophie Kinsella? Sophie Kinsella... did i type that twice?!

Favourite book - fiction?
Man and Boy - Tony Parson (first book by him yang saya beli..lepas tu terus hooked!)

Favourite book - nonfiction?
The 48 Laws of POWER - Robert Greene (semua buku2 macam ni Darling Hubby punya aku tumpang sekaki mana2 yang best tu...he's good at choosing this kind of books! plus all his autobiography collections - Benazir Bhutto,Aung San Suu Kyi, Tan Chin Nam etc etc..)

3 books you wish to read next?
err...more than 3 can? because all this books otw fr the bookstore to my doorsteps! hehe

awaiting fr VPost Msia (items already delivered to VPost USA by (3days only!!) yeayy!!!)
Berlitz Japanese Phrase Book & Dictionary
Insight Guide Japan (Insight Guides Japan)
I have to order from since the books asyik2 out of stock fr Mph online or the bookstores! huhu..tensen mak!

awaiting fr MPHonline (1-2weeks?!!!! -they really need to improve on this part!)
My Sister's Keeper - Jody Picoult (got this at 20% disc yeay!!)
Remember Me - Sophie Kinsella (got this at 30% disc yeay!!)
The Memory Keeper's Daughter - Kim Edward

awaiting fr MekTwain
Seteguh Kasih Aina Najihah by Dina Najat (gonna get a signed version from the writer herself-Thanks to MekTwain!)

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not here...will copy paste all this to my fp then i'll continue tagging from there ya! :)


mektwain on March 18, 2008 at 11:22 AM said...

yay! baru menjejak sini officially semalam, hehe! thanks for the tag reply! wah, best ek buku growing up in terengganu tu, selalu nampak kat mph.

Erna on March 19, 2008 at 8:32 AM said...

hehe.. best gak. Sebab dok sini so bleh la dok bayang2 ngan tempat sekarang..


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